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This website (which will be referred to as the site hereinafter) is the property of and operated by PT. BLESSINDO GLOBAL SINERGI under the name of ZOLEKA and the Terms of Use (“Terms of Use) applied to all users who use this site. Throughout the site, “we” is referred to ZOLEKA as the site provider including all information, equipment, and services available in this site for you, as user, who accept the Terms of Use. If you do not wish to accept the Terms of Use, please do not use this site.


You state that all information and data you provided in ZOLEKA site is correct, accurate, latest and complete. You are responsible to renew and correct the information you provided within this site accordingly.


You agree that the personal information about you that we received (whether through this site, email, phone call or any other way), will be collected, stored and processed in accordance to the Privacy Policy. We will be able to renew the Privacy Policy from time to time in accordance to our policy and announce the latest version through the site.


All contents inside this Site is an exclusive property of ZOLEKA or license owner, and is protected by the intellectual right, patent, and Indonesian law and any other international law applied. ZOLEKA provides you with a limited right to access and use this site. ZOLEKA strongly prevent the use for other purposes for all the contents in this site, including but not limited to: downloading, copying or other use of the content or the Site with the intention to compete with ZOLEKA or for the benefit of other vendor or third party; illegally connecting this site or framing the content inside this Site; all changes, distribution, dissemination, organization, broadcasting, publication, uploading, licensing, reengineering, transferring, or creating a derivative creation from, all contents, products, or services taken from this Site in which you do not have the right to use (as in intellectual right of other party); all the uploads, postings, or spreading all materials containing software virus or computer code, file or program designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the computer function; using hardware or software with the intention to take information without permission (such as system data or personal data) from the Site (including, but not limited to the use of “scraping” or other data digging technics, robot or other similar collecting or data extraction tools); or any action that forces or may force (in accordance to ZOLEKA policy) heavy load without any reason or disproportional to ZOLEKA infrastructure, or may cause damage or disturbance to the performance of our infrastructure. ZOLEKA have the rights, anytime without prior notification, to reject or cancel one’s registration to this Site, delete the individual from the Site and prevent the individual to use this Site for whatever reason, and limit or stop the individual from accessing the Site.


This Site may have link to other sites or source operated by a third party with no relation to ZOLEKA. The link is provided for your convenience and as additional access to information contains inside. We are not responsible and has no obligation regarding the content, commercial, product or material inside that Site. Providing link to other Site shoud not be considered as support to the content of the Site or source. Different terms and requirement and privacy policy may be applied to the use of that Site or source of the link. ZOLEKA hold no responsibility, directly or indirectly, to damage, lost or obligation suspect to or due to or related to the use or dependency of the content, product or services available in that Site or source of the link.


ZOLEKA do not make any statement, requirement or guarantee and offer other conditions, whether explicitly or implicitly, regarding any matter, including but not limited to appropriateness, suitability, compatibility in using or for specific intention, or administration of ZOLEKA membership, all contents inside the site, or any product purchased through ZOLEKA site, and guarantee that may be explicitly stated during transaction process. In specific legal condition, the law do not guarantee some part or all the warranty statement, hence disclaiming that matter can be limited if it is permitted by the law. Unless if it is stated in the Terms of Use, or required by the law in effect.

You will assume the risk yourself in relation to the use of this Site. This Site is provided accordingly. We have the rights to limit or block your access to the Site or features or any other part of the Site anytime. ZOLEKA do not guarantee that access to the Site will not be interrupted or free of interruption; that this Site is safe; or the Site is virus free; or the information within the Site is correct, accurate, adequate, beneficial, on time and complete. If you download the content of this Site, you will do it on your own will and risk. You are responsible for any damage to computer system or missing data due to the download of the content. There is no suggestion or information you obtain from this Site that provides any type of warranty.


ZOLEKA is not responsible to any action, negligent, statement, guarantee, and to any carelessness that may cause injury, death, damage to property, or other damage including the expense incurred. You understand and agree that you are fully responsible in using the Site and/or the use of ZOLEKA membership, and also purchase and the use of products and services available within the ZOLEKA Site. You understand and agree that all information you send or receive during your membership and/or use of this Site is not completely safe and you may be wiretapped by the law enforcement. You understand and agree that you will bear any risk in using this Site yourself, and that this Site is available for you without any cost. You understand and agree that as far as the law in effect allowed (including but not limited to consumers protection), ZOLEKA is not responsible for any damage that may be incurred directly or indirectly in relation to (1) this Site or any other Site or source that you access through the link from this Site, (2) any action that we have conducted successfully or unsuccessfully as the result of communication with you, (3) your ZOLEKA membership, stopping or cancelling any purchase from your membership, (4) products available or can be purchased through ZOLEKA Site, including loss or injury due to the use of that product, (5) Each and any services promoted or obtained through this Site; (6) modification, deleting or erasing any materials entered or posted in this Site, or (7) using this Site, whether it is based on an agreement, mistake, legal obligation or any other, even when ZOLEKA have notified regarding the possibility of damage, is the responsibility of the user to evaluate the accuracy, completeness or use of the available contents in this Site or any other related sites. This exception applied, with no limitation, over damage or injury due to failure of performance, mistake, deletion, disruption, erasure, defect, delays in operation or transmission, computer virus, damaged file, communication failure, loss of benefit, or thief, destruction, illegal access, changes, loss or used of data, and any other loss. You understand and agree that ZOLEKA or the license owner, supplier or third-party content provider, are not responsible for any defamation and illegal use of this Site.


You will compensate and release ZOLEKA from any fine, penalty, responsibility, loss and any other claim in any form (including expense for attorney and experts), spent by ZOLEKA, and you must release ZOLEKA from any claim incurred from (1) your violation of the Terms of Use, (2) fraud that you have caused, negligent or intentional mistake, and (3) violation that you have caused to the rights of a third party.


If you are using this Site or send email to ZOLEKA, you will be connected with ZOLEKA electronically. You will give priority to electronic communication in relation to the use of this Site, ZOLEKA will communicate with you through email or post announcement through the Site. You agree that all agreement, announcement, disclosure, and other ways of communication sent to you electronically is valid and legal as in written communication. All announcements from ZOLEKA will be confirmed received by the consumer and sent to the email address you provided in ZOLEKA Site.


Access to some part of this Site is protected with limited password only for concerned users. You are responsible to protect your log in access, including creating a password. You agree that you are responsible for any statement you make, and any action and negligent in using your log in access. If you feel that you are missing or know of any illegal use of your log in access, please immediately inform ZOLEKA. ZOLEKA will consider each communication we received from email or other address, is sent by you, unless we receive notification that proves otherwise.


Brand name, and logo (Brand) displayed in this Site is the property of ZOLEKA or license owner or any other party. User must not use the Brand for any other purposes, including but not limited to be used as meta tag in other Site without written consent from ZOLEKA or third party who owns the Brand. You are not allowed to use framing technic or technology to attach any content to the Site without any written consent from ZOLEKA. All contents (including software program) available in or through this Site are protected by copyright, patent, and Indonesian law and other applied foreign law.


ZOLEKA values others’ intellectual property right, and we ask our users to also do the same thing. Hereby, we inform that ZOLEKA have adopted and applied this policy to sever any connection with the users of this Site or any member of ZOLEKA who violate the patent. ZOLEKA under certain conditions and with their own policy have the right to terminate and/or sever an account and/or membership of a user who violates the intellectual right of ZOLEKA or third party.


Considering it is not in violation to the agreement in the Terms of Use, or general law principles, each agreement in this Terms of Use will continuously in effect for all parties as long as ZOLEKA site is online and developed by PT. Blessindo Global Sinergi.


ZOLEKA is released from any obligation to fulfill the Terms of Use, in the event of not being able to fulfill the said Terms fully or partially, as a result of an event or a set of event due to or as a result of (1) weather condition or other natural elements; (2) war, terrorism, chaos, riot, civil unrest or rebellion, (3) quarantine or embargo, (4) strike, or (5) other reason beyond the ability of ZOLEKA. Under those circumstances ZOLEKA will not be able to temporarily deliver the products that you have purchased, ZOLEKA will give you option to postpone the delivery or return your expense.


You acknowledge and agree that ZOLEKA could, based on our own policy, change, add or delete some part of the Terms of Use anytime and any opportunity, by posting the revised Terms of Use in the Site. You are not able to change or modify the Terms of Use under any circumstances. You are responsible to check from time to time the changes in Terms of Use that we have mad. If you are still using this Site after the changes of the Terms of Use, it means that you have received those changes.


The overall content of the Terms of Use is considered as a covenant and agreement between you and ZOLEKA to respect the interests of each party and change all temporary communication and previous offer, orally or in writing, between each party with good intention. The printed form of this Terms of Use is legal under the law and govern each administrative process related the use of this Site.


The Terms of Use is composed in both English and Indonesian. In the event of a conflict between the English and Indonesian version, the Indonesian version will be the governing language for all purposes and replace any differences in perception between the language.


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