Frequently Asked Question

Does ZOLEKA.ID have a retail shop?

Yes, not only you can shop our product via our website in Blesslink, Mr. Montir marketplace (whether it is in,, and you can also shop directly in our stores located in selected Mr. Montir’s garages:

Can I shop in ZOLEKA.ID website?

No. To shop, you can go to or marketplace, you can find the link in or in Blibli, Lazada, dan

In Zoleka website we can find children motor jacket, those jackets can be worn by children from what age?

Children jackets by Zoleka can be worn by children from 6-12 years, starting from Elementary School, or a little bit younger/older, depends on the child’s body size. Zoleka provides a size chart in the product description both in the marketplace and Zoleka catalogue, so that you can find the most appropriate jacket size tahun for your children.

How do I get information regarding Zoleka’s latest news / promotion?

You can receive Zoleka newsletter by filling in your email address in the “Put your email address here” column in the footer (bottom part) of the page anywhere in the website We will send email regarding promo information to your registered email when you create an account. You can also find our latest information through our facebook, instagram and twitter accounts.