ZOLEKA family, we’re often faced with a situation where we have to travel with childern riding a motorcycle. Actually this activity can be fun, but it is quite 'troublesome' if the child is still too young. Especially when traveling in the daytime when the sun is scorching. Here are some tips for Ayah & Bunda when bringing them traveling on motorcycle.

  1. Get Your Children to Sit on the Back, not in Front

    Cara Membonceng Anak Yang Kurang Tepat Cara Membonceng Anak Yang Tepat

    Pitching the child up front can be daunting. Because if something bad happens the little one will be affected first. Dust, wind and other obstacles will get to them first. If possible get your children to sit on the back. Avoid riding your motorcycle with one hand because it will disrupt the balance.

  2. Choose Comfortable Riding Safety Belt for Children
    Kursi Pembonceng Anak
    For the sake of their safety, in long trips where they can fall asleep on the ride, or if your child is still too young, make sure to make them wear riding safety belt or comfy special seat.

  3. Choose The Right Time To Ride
    Avoid driving long distances during the day when the sun is scorching. Morning or afternoon are the most convenient time. Minimize riding suring the night if possible. But if You can’t avoid it, make sure that your children (and Yo, of course) wear a windproof jacket and warm socks so You won’t catch cold along the way.

  4. Wear Comfortable and Safe Clothes
    Make Sure That They Wear Helmet & Windproof Jacket

    Do not wear clothes that are too 'complicated', like a really long scarf/shawl, because it can be dangerous if the clothes snagged to the wheels. Too thick and heavy jacket will make your child feel stuffy and hot. Just wear a comfy windproof jacket and dont forget to wear a helmet!

  5. Watch Your ‘Ammunitions’

    Ammunitions here are food and drink (mineral water). Flavored drinks will make them thirst faster.

  6. Rest If Needed
    ​The limit ability of children to resist fatigue is different from adults. Do not force to continue your journey if the child looks uncomfortable, fussy or bored.

Hope that these tips can be useful for You!