Toward the end of the year as it is today, rain comes and subsides unpredictably, right ZOLEKA family? Of course your activities and travel plans will be disrupted. In facing that, always cary rainsuits on your motorcycle wherever You go become an obligations.

Here come the simple steps in choosing a rainsuit beside based on its water resistance ability as the main element.

  1. Avoid to Wear ‘Batman’ or ‘Barongsai’ type on Rainsuits
    Whether if it worn alone or two, these models of rainsuit are quite dangerous. Because in addition to less coverage (so you still got wet and can be exposed to flu/fever/colds), the long dangling coat can harm you if it tangled on tires or other motor parts. Horrified!

    Wearing their own raincoats and intersecting well-fited body contours would be safer and more comfortable.

  2. Check Closure System (Closing System)

    You have to check whether zipper on the chest, additional buttons in front (double breast models like all ZOLEKA raincoats) and rubber on the wrist. Make sure everything is installed right, tight and working properly so there will be no water penetrate through the small cracks.

  3. Make Sure There Are Air Circulation Inside
    The best rainsuit material is not necessarily the thickest one, because its thickness does not guarantee its waterproof durability. For convenience, choose a raincoat is not feel stuffy and hot when used and not sticky to your body when it got wet by the rain. The presence of water ventilation/air flow that serves to adjust the level of heat and humidity on the inside the rainsut would certainly provide more comfort and minimize those sultriness.

  4. Select Rainsuit With Practical & Functional Packaging
    To get into your backpack (or motorcycle baggage), of course the Zoleka family needs to avoid packing the 'bulky and eating place' rainsuits.


    The packable, practical, folded and lightweight raincoat will certainly be more comfortable to carry. Zoleka family no longer need to provide another bag to store your raincoat as it is 'fused' with the jacket.