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Designed specifically to meet the needs of motorist families in Indonesia, ZOLEKA provides a wide range of riding apparels that can be used by men and women, both adults and children. Currently, it can be said that there are no brand in Indonesia that specifically produce motorcycle apparel for children. ZOLEKA sees this as a necessity of the consumers who have not been answered by the producers, because in reality in daily activities (such as school) or certain moments (eg Lebaran) where many parents bring their children riding a motorcycle. Colorful & innovative design, top quality & functional materials and production processes that put efficiency added into ZOLEKA's value.

ZOLEKA (xho-le-ka) is terminologically derived from the Xhosa language (the official language of South Africa) which means gentle and humble. Departing from this name, ZOLEKA is committed to providing products with competitive prices and affordable by consumers to meet the needs of Indonesian families. The long journey of development process, the selection of materials, production process, and distribution process is dedicated exclusively to deliver happiness for consumers. Riding windproof jacket and rain suit become the opener of the series of high quality yet with competitive price motor apparel products for Indonesian families.

Through the innovative concept of GPRS (Grab - Pay - Ride - Smile) , Zoleka’s trying to get closer to make it more accessible to consumers. #GPRS is also expected to provide an alternative shopping experience apparel new, easy, and attractive for motorists. Let's do the 'Happiness Journey' with Zoleka!


We humbly deliver happiness for families by providing essential quality motorcycle riding-apparel in affordable price.


Providing acceptable quality products in affordable prices for those who have limited budget.

Deliver happiness by creating products for the health and safety of daily motorcycle rider.

Providing functional products that meet the essential needs of the customer.


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